Why Your Vehicle Needs a Good Servicing?

Just like you should be booking health check-ups periodically with your doctor just to be sure you are clear of any potential illnesses and your body is well-tuned, your vehicle too (no matter whether it is a Jaguar or a Tata), should be serviced accordingly. Different vehicles require different types of maintenance and these vehicles in turn come in varying makes and models that need individual attention based on their specifications. For instance, you cannot service a Ferrari the way you would service a Suzuki can you? Regardless, it is important that you know why a vehicle should be serviced, whether you own one or not.

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Extended Lifespan

As basic accounting teaches us, vehicles are not assets, which means that they depreciate in value over time. No matter how well you take care of it, it will at some point begin to lose value and only go down from there. Unless of course this is some sort of vintage vehicle we are talking about, in which case you are probably sitting on a fortune. If you are careless with your vehicle however, it will begin to give you trouble soon enough, and deteriorate in quality before your eyes. Servicing helps extend the lifespan of any vehicle, which is a good enough reason as any to head to the service centre.

Low Fuel Costs

Maintaining a car in this day and age is undoubtedly expensive, and when costs begin adding up it can be frustrating to say the last. However, spending on servicing means that you will be able to cut down on fuel costs as the engine functions more efficiently and thereby utilises fuel more economically. If you are new to owning a car and have not quite yet wrapped your head around what is what, then get hold of a reliable Auto mechanic clayton for instance, to walk you through it all. Learn about the engine, study how it functions, and ask what to do in case of an emergency or breakdown. That way, if the engine starts sputtering, you know why and can simply put it in for a service to rectify it, if of course the problem can be solved through servicing.


More than anything, servicing gives you peace of mind since you know your vehicle is as safe as can be. Aside from the fact that you save money both in the short-term and long-term, what is most important that you are safe on the road. Important components like your brakes and suspension will be kept in smooth working condition which is great seeing as how they are absolutely critical. Bear in mind that just because the vehicle seems to be running just fine, there is nothing to say that it is indeed in good condition. Only a service can do that.

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Second-Hand Value

Servicing also helps maintain your vehicle’s second-hand value. The second-hand market can be quite competitive, and you want to be able to get the best deal for your sale. Which you cannot do if your vehicle is not in good condition. If you regularly maintain your vehicle with servicing, you will find that by the time you need to sell, there is very little for you to do and spend on. If you are able to provide a complete service history as well, this will up your chances of getting more cash, since buyers would prefer to go with something that is surer.

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