Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Transmission Makeover

Of the many different things you have to familiarise yourself with as a car owner, the transmission is a critical one. In fact, consider it every bit as important as the engine. Without it, your vehicle would simply go to ruins, especially if you leave it unattended. The key is to know when your vehicle needs what is known in the industry as a ‘transmission flush. This means not only checking up on it, but cleaning out any leftover transmission liquid, and ensuring it continues to run smoothly. Typically, people tend to get a transmission flush done every two years, however, there may be times when you have to get one done more frequently. In such instances though, you need not worry because your vehicle itself will tell you in the following ways.

Strange Noises

If you hear your laptop suddenly whirring and making sounds you really do not want to hear from a laptop, you would naturally spring into action and try to figure out the source of the problem. Same thing here. If your car was to suddenly splutter and make odd grinding sounds repeatedly, it is a clear sign that something is up with your transmission. Perhaps it is contaminated with dirt, and is in need of a thorough cleaning. If in case these sounds crop up while driving, you should check on the transmission fluid leaving the engine still running. If you cannot figure it out, head to a mechanic.

Gear Shifting

Though manual cars obviously require gear shifting way more than automatic cars do, the health of your transmission is still vital regardless. You must have clean fluid pumping through the vehicle always. Fresh transmission fluid allows you to effortlessly change gears, which is important when out there on the road. Else, you would be not only endangering yourself, but also the lives of others out there. Contaminated transmission fluid can affect the responsiveness of your gears, either causing them to change too fast or slow. In either case, not good. If you cannot seem to solve the issue yourself, look for a professional in your area, like a car mechanic Frankston for instance to help.

Irregular Vehicle Movement

Another clear sign that your vehicle is in dire need of a transmission flush, is your vehicle behaving irregularly. For instance, do you find it suddenly surging, or in other words jumping forwards inexplicably and then backwards, or even being slow to move at all after you change gears? A smoothly functioning car stands out, and so does one that seems to be sputtering, so if you notice that your vehicle only responds to the change after a minute or two, it might be time to bring in the experts.

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It is possible for transmission fluid to leak, and in case you are wondering what it looks like, it is bright red. So if you see a bright red puddle underneath your car that is a warning sign. It also means that you need to take your car to be fixed immediately. There is not much you can do if there is a leak, and it needs professional attention. If your transmission fluid is at any point black or blackish brown, this is the wrong colour, and means your transmission should be flushed out.

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