Seven Essential Tips to Maintain Your Car

No one likes to leave the vehicle they love so much in a garage disassembled for repairs for months. Here are some great pointers you should adopt to make sure you do not wear off your vehicle too much and that it performs just the way you want!

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Know What Fuel to Use

Just because you pump your vehicle full of the high quality fuel, it does not mean that it turns into a jaguar! You do not have to pump your car full of octane at the gas station. You should save the money to pay up for better maintenance work.

Maintain a Well-Kept Car

Ensure you always maintain a well-kept car. This means regular repairs of the engine and even the car window repairs. You should go ahead and check oil, replace any damaged light or cracked windshields to safeguard the value of the car.

Wash It Whenever You Can

When you are not hosing down the car on a weekend in your front yard with the soap and water, make sure you take you ride to a proper car wash where it is treated with a great wash and a wax. You should be able to do the waxing too on your own to protect the paint job and prevent the body from rusting. Remember to show some love to the interiors as well. Vacuum the interiors and resort to frequent detailing.

Prepare For Seasonal Damages

Seasonal changes will affect your car to a point that it draws tears. Seasonal changes mean you need to prep your vehicle accordingly. While for many drivers, winter and summer seasons are the most threatening on the batteries of their vehicles including the coolant and the tires. Pay more attention to those areas since it might be critical to your ride even during stormy weather. If you are willing to throw away few more dollars, you can try out winter tires.

The Notorious Check Engine Light

Always pull over at a service station to check out what it means. Most shops and auto-part dealer have the ability to scan the codes and check the issue with their cutting-edge equipment. The problem could be as simple as a loose gas pipe or a serious issue in the powertrain developing.

Play Nice With the Car

With time you will realize where the limit of your vehicle is drawn. And if you push it beyond its limits, you will hear painful screeching noises coming out form the rev limiter. If you are not that lucky, chances are that you might have damaged your car by staying at the lower end of the performance spectrum. Idling in the cold climates might run for a few hours are just wasteful and devastating to the car. It can also promote carbon build-up and the deterioration of the catalytic converter.

Always Follow the Instructions

Always follow the engine transmissions and maintenance according to the manual provided. It will not only save you money it will also extend the lifespan of your vehicle in the long run.

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