How to Choose a Smash Repair Shop for Your Car

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Australia won’t be running out of smash repair shops anytime soon. The endless dilemma for car owners is how to choose the right smash repair shop for your vehicle. Don’t pray that your car won’t get into an accident. It can happen even to the best drivers, and even when your car is parked. Therefore, you must be ready for the possibility and have a great repair shop chosen to take your car just in case.

Most car owners think that the insurance company would recommend which shop to use. This is not always the case, especially if the accident is not your own. Under the most recent “Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry Code of Conduct” in Australia, the vehicle owner gets the right to choose the repair shop they like. Not all insurers sign this code of conduct, so check if yours have. If you do want to exercise the right, choose a local panel beater Keysborough that is already affiliated with insurance agencies. The affiliated shops already know how to interact with insurers and get the companies to pay for the damage assessment.

Here are several suggestions for choosing a great smash repair shop in your local area:

Ask about Repair Time

You probably don’t want to leave your car in the repair shop for weeks to have it fixed. Therefore, when choosing a store, ask them about how long it will take to fix damages depending on how severe they are. Most reputable auto repair shops are upfront about the timeline. If the repair mechanics don’t tell you right away about how long it will take, then consider finding another that does explain the timeframe for repairs.

Use Only Shops with Genuine Parts

Be aware of shops that offer low quotes, because they may be repairing cars with low-quality parts. When you choose a repair shop, they must be able to provide you with genuine parts from the carmaker whenever necessary. It’s important to have this clarified in advance to avoid second-hand parts last minute. Don’t choose to use second-hand or knockoff parts because these won’t last long.

The Price Quote Must be for Your Vehicle Types

Some auto mechanics will prove with lowest price estimates, but you have to ask if the quote given is for vehicles of the same types as yours. Repairs differ depending on the make and model of vehicles. If you have a larger vehicle, like an SUV, you might not be able to benefit from low quotes as advertised. Therefore, make sure the quotes match your vehicle’s make and model.

What’s the Paint?

Painting the car would be one of the most extensive aspects of getting your car fixed after an accident. The last thing you want is a coat of bad-quality paint. The coat of paint would have to exactly match the original paint on your car. Therefore, always inquire about what type of paint the mechanics are going to use. Don’t use cheap paint because it will begin to degrade several weeks later. Plus, some cheap paints also contain dangerous toxins.

Use the above tips to choose a great smash repair shop for your car without overspending or suffering through low-quality repair jobs.

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