Areas Where You Might Not Get the Chance to Get Legal Permission for Your Discoveries

If you invent something, that is going to be a great moment in your life. However, if you are inventing something you have to know about protecting the right for that invention as well. As long as you do not obtain the legal right to that invention from the right authorities everyone else also has the right to use it as they want. If everyone has the right to create what you discovered that is going to be a really bad thing for you financially if there is some commercial goal you are trying to fulfil with this invention.

To prevent our inventions from being produced by everyone we follow patent filing India process or the same process in any other country to win the legal permission to produce our invention. However, there are areas in which we are not going to get the sole right to use our invention. There are reasons for not granting such a legal permission in these situations.

When Something Completely New Is Not Found

Though you might think you have found something new, there are times when what you have actually done is discovering a new function for an already existing product. Sometimes you could be using already existing items to create something new. There are a lot of requirements to fulfil as someone if you really want to win the name of a proper invention for your product. Therefore, if the authority decides what you have created is not something completely new, which they can call a real invention you are not going to get any exclusive legal permission to that product of yours.

When Inventions Go Against the Public Order

Some of the people come up with inventions which go against the public order. For example, there are all kinds of illegal drugs in the world. There are people who are inventing new kinds of drugs for people to use as addicts. Such inventions are never given any legal permission.

When a Treatment Method of Humans or Animals Is Found

If you find some kind of a treatment method for humans and animals, even if it is something entirely new, that is never going to be given a special legal permission. That is because such knowledge should be accessible and useful for all the people, not just a couple of people.

When an Invention Threatens the National Security of the Country

Any invention which threatens the national security of a country is also not given special legal permission.

You cannot expect legal permission for these kinds of inventions.


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